Monday, October 19, 2009

Class Work, 10/19 Due Wednesday 10/21

This assignment is due by 5pm on Wednesday, 10/21.  Use class time on 10/19 to complete this assignment, while we have our scheduled midterm evaluations.

This exercise will prepare you to write the compare and contrast paper I will assign next Monday, 10/26.

Choose two articles that you plan to use as sources for your final research project.  Make sure one is a scholarly source and the other is not.

Create a citation and outline for each article and turn them into me as a typed paper document on Wednesday at 5pm.  Your document should look like this. (Click on the link for a detailed description of the assignment)

For tips on outlines, look here.
Your outline should detail the main ideas and supporting evidence that you read in each of the articles or other pieces of writing you are considering.  You may include direct quotes from the article for the supporting evidence, but please try to paraphrase the main ideas.  This exercise is similar to the one we did in class with the blogging chapter from Mary Pipher.

For tips on citations, look here.
Your citation should follow the standard MLA format we have been practicing.

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